Easy Natural Remedies to Treat Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins- usually blue or dark purple- that usually occur near the surface of the legs.

They occur as result of weak or defective valves which allow blood to flow backward or stagnate within the vein.

Some Main Causes of Varicose Veins:

- Injuries

- Prolonged standing

- Genetics

- Obesity

- Aging

- Pregnancy

Tips on how to Prevent Varicose Veins.

Wear compression stockings

Wear the right pair of shoes

Elevate the foot of your bed

Exercise correctly

Drink enough water during the day

Maintain a healthy body weight

One way to treat varicose veins is with surgery. If you want to avoid this, here are some home remedies, that have proven to be highly effective.


The medicinal properties of garlic have long been known and used in natural medicine. Owing to its active ingredient, allicin, garlic can significantly decrease the inflammation in the veins caused by poor blood circulation.

Regular consumption of garlic is highly recommended by health experts. Even if you are not a fan of its pungent taste, you can still use it topically. To make garlic cream, mince some garlic cloves and mix them with little alcohol. Massage the affected areas on your legs with this paste 4 times a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It works effectively both when ingested and when used topically. If you are using it topically, simply soak a towel or a clean cloth in vinegar and put it directly on your varicose veins. Leave the ACV treatment to work for several minutes.

Optionally, you can massage the affected areas starting at the ankles and moving upwards. It’s important to know that applying too much pressure can be harmful, so make sure you massage gently.

Chili Pepper

Many health experts advise their patients suffering from varicose veins to include chili peppers in their diet because this nutrient is highly beneficial for decongesting clogged veins. Plus, chili pepper also significantly improves blood circulation.

Aloe Vera

Known and widely used for its numerous therapeutic effects, among which the cooling effect, aloe vera is also an efficient natural remedy to relieve pain from varicose veins.

The hot version can also be used to treat varicose veins. For best results, apply the gel to the veiny areas massaging gently and leave it act overnight.

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