Fix Your Eyesight and Prevent Liver Fat With This Homemade Drink

Having keen senses is particularly useful.

We are all told as children to eat our fruits and veggies in order to achieve good and healthy body. Healthy body plays a critical role as we grow and age.

As we grow old there are many disease that our body will be suffering with, like cataracts and astigmatism for the eyes, osteoporosis for our bones, fatty liver for internal and so much more.

But everyone seem to be busy and afraid in doctor to have their check ups, and they have their reason like it’s too expensive or its just a waste of time. 

So many were relying to home remedies that are effective and inexpensive.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in color (a pretty reliable sign that they’re extra nutritious) like beetroot, can give anyone an edge in not only maintaining great health but sharpening all the senses. 

Beetroots is known to be good to your heart and body.

Beetroots were first cultivated by Romans and by 19th century it was considered as high value item in the market for they were discovered that it can be a substitute to sugar.

Beetroot is low in fat and packed with vitamins, minerals like vitamin A and C, Calcium, Iron and antioxidant.

Study shows that consuming 500 grams a day of beetroot can reduce low pressure.

- It also contains nitrate this compound help widen the arteries and lower blood pressure.

- Beetroot juice is often used in detox diets. This is because it helps in improving the liver function, which in turn helps in removing toxins from your body

- Helps in the production of red blood cells in the body because of its Iron compound.

- It also has silica. Silica is helpful for strengthening hair and bones and even for maintaining a good and glowing skin.

- The fibers in beetroot are helpful in slowing down the conversion of fiber in glucose. Thus, it is very beneficial for people who have type-2 diabetes.

So drinking beetroot juice a day will not just give you a healthy body but a healthy skin as well. You only need beetroot and a juicer for this healthy drink.

And just so you know, you can also consume beetroot in many ways not just juice. Such as beetroot soup which Eastern Europe popularized there beetroot soup called borscht.

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