Get Rid of Phlegm in Your Throat In Natural Ways

That green stuff you just coughed up?

That can’t be good for you.

Technically, it’s mucus, but when mucus becomes congealed, visible, and disgustingly out of the body.

It is considered phlegm, the product of your mucous membranes attempting to fight an infection of sorts–and it is good for you.

Phlegm is differentiated from other mucous in that it comes from the lungs rather than from the nasal passages; though, post nasal drip, a common symptom of colds, flus, sinusitis, and inhaling other irritants is often the cause of a phlegm like build up.

How To Combat Phlegm Fast Without Any Medication?

Things you need:

* ½ cup water.
* About 2 tablespoons of mullein leaves.
* One teaspoon of dried mint.
* One or 2 teaspoons, as like honey.


1. Boil water and add mint and mullein leaves let it steep for 15 mins

2. Let it cool and if it is bitter for your preference just add honey

What is the recommended dosage?

There is no recent clinical evidence to support specific dosage of mullein. However, classical use of the herb was 3 to 4 g daily.

Mullein has expectorant and cough suppressant properties that make it useful for symptomatic treatment of sore throat and cough.

This remedy will help you combat respiratory diseases.

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