Natural Ingredients To Get Rid of Clogged Pores.

Enlarged pores often occur on the skin due to having oily skin and they mostly happen at older age.

They can show up on everyone no matter how well you take care of your face and skin, large pores are usually pop up.. It happens in both men and women equally.

The pores are the opening of the sweat glands on the skin and these pores often get enlarged and clogged due to the oily skin and dirt.

These clogged pores results in blackheads, acne, even pimple, and many other related problems.

Problems happen due to clogged pores are very annoying and really irritating.If you are suffering from these problems and looking for effective and natural remedies then this post is for you.

Today we present with a natural treatment instead of industrial treatment, because of the price and quality.It will surely help you get to rid of clogged and open pores in a short period of time.

Baking Soda Face Mask

This powerful home remedy will help you to get rid of the impurities, dirt and extra oil from your skin and it acts as exfoliating agent.

Besides it will make your skin fare and clear, it will also make the skin pores smaller. Another benefit from this mask is that it restores pH balance of the skin.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so it can treat skin problems such as pimples and acne's.


Make a mixture between 2 tbsp of lukewarm water and two tbsp of baking soda

Apply the resulting mixture on your face and massage gently in circular motions for 10 seconds

Wash off the face and apply some moisturizer

In the first week do the procedure every day and afterwards 3-4 times a week for a month.

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