Rose Petal Tea: Easy Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Gaining weight is alarming now of these days.

In this we will give you a simple, easy, affordable and very effective drinking tea solution that will surely help you to lose your weight.

Rose Petal Herbal tea will surely give you a weight lose benefits in just two to three weeks.

As this Rose Petal Tea is the recipe of caffeine free tea that is enriched with enormous anti- oxidants and helps you a lot for your continual weight loss with easy usage regimen.

Its effectively detoxify your body and aids in your weight loss with added benefits of skin beauty.

Rose Petal herbal tea is also very effective in making you stress free and a very good medicine to keep your cholesterol level in check.

Enjoy the blissful life with this simple herbal tea.

What you need to prepare this tea, ( four servings)

*Three cups fresh rose petals.

*3 cups water.

* One teaspoon of Honey or Sugar to give it sweet taste.

How to prepare Rose Petal Tea.

-Discard bases from rose petals.

- Pat it dry.

- Place the petals in a pot and heat it till it discolors.

- Your four cups of rose petal tea is ready.

When you want to drink it, fill a cup from this solution, heat it, add one teaspoon of honey and drink it.

For better result drink one cup three times a day, after your major meals. You will feel its weight loss benefits in one to three weeks.

Source: Natural Tips.
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