Top Signs You Might Have Kidney Damage

The kidneys are one of the most important body organs, mostly because they are in charge of blood detoxification.

If the kidneys are not working properly, then there won’t be filtration of the toxins from the blood , which will have a serious impact on the health.

You must know the symptoms of kidney damage, in order to know when the kidneys are at risk and preserve your health.

The most common diseases on kidneys is cadmium which is one of the most harmful heavy metals and air pollutants (it’s released through incineration of municipal waste, oils and coils) is a major health threat.

Aside from inhaling cadmium, we also ingest it through food because it’s often used in phosphate fertilizers.

Below listed are the most common signs of kidney damage:

Urinary disorders

This problem is one of the most common which can be showed.

This is because in case the kidneys are damaged, the urine shows immediately.

In case you have darker urine, your kidneys are damage, and in case you have pale urine your kidneys are okay.

Swelling in certain parts of the body

Kidneys will eliminate toxins from the sway in case you have overloaded sweating this means that you have some kidney damage.

Pin in the lower back

In case you have pain in the lower back, this definitely are the kidneys because that is the place where they are.

Dryness, rash and itchy skin

If the renal function is disturbed, toxins accumulate in the blood, resulting in skin dryness, a persistent itching, and rash.

These skin issues are important symptoms of a disturbed renal function, so you should never ignore them, nor treat them with some ointments and creams.

Visit your doctor as soon as possible instead.


In case you have often fatigue this will means that you have some kidney disease.

You are going to check your doctor, because fatigue in not very sure problem caused from kidneys damage.

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