What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Even One Meal!

In an effort to drop a few pounds fast, some of us consider skipping breakfast or lunch, thinking you can ride out the hunger pangs until dinner.

But when your decision to bypass breakfast or ditch out lunch is maybe driven by a sneaky little diet thought, your one-time choice could spiral into a habit that can hurt you.

Skipping meals isn't just a gateway to eating disorders, it's also one of the biggest predictors of overeating and unhealthy weight gain according to health experts.

Not only does skipping meals take a toll on your system, it conspires against you, setting you up for a slower metabolism and crazy hunger pangs that are tough to resist giving in to.

The smart strategy? Lose weight by eating smaller, healthier meals throughout the day.

1. You might lose weight — but there's a catch.
Some research from suggests you'll drop bad weight in the short term, but you'll eventually gain back dangerous belly fat.

More studies suggest the weight you lose may come from muscle, not fat, which is hardly ideal.

2. You could run low on nutrients.

You risk to nutrient deficiencies linked to fatigue, poor mental function, and other health concerns becomes higher.

3. Your risk for some diseases may increase.

Studies found that women who skipped breakfast regularly had a 20% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

While men going out without a morning meal increased the risk of heart disease.

4. You might get sick.

The longer you put off food, the greater your risk of headaches, fatigue, extreme hunger, and even infection.

5. Inflammation calms down.

Periods of fasting appear to trigger damage-repairing adaptations in your cells.

From arthritis to cancer to heart disease, many major health conditions stem from damage caused by chronic inflammation.
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