Antibacterial Soaps Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Washing your hands with antibacterial soap may be dangerous, a new US study reveals.

A chemical found in many liquid handwashes and other basic household products like shampoos and toothpaste has been linked to cancer.

Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent of broad-spectrum and one of the most common additives used in a wide range of consumer products, from kitchenware to toys.

Triclosan can alter hormone regulation and may interfere with fetal development.

A new study out of South Korea has found that the popular antibacterial additive, triclosan, exhibits cancer-promoting effects.

For their research, Kyung-Chul Choi and colleagues from Chungbuk National University and the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology looked at triclosan in the context of how it affects the hormonal system.

A known hormone-disruptor, triclosan has been shown in previous research to mimic the feminizing hormone estrogen, which in turn alters the normal production and expression of other hormones like testosterone.

As a result, triclosan appears to throw the endocrine system out of balance, leading to abnormal cellular growths. Particularly in women, triclosan appears to trigger the growth of breast cancer cells, leading to the formation of malignant tumors.

This was demonstrated both in cell samples and in live mice, as breast cancer cells were shown to thrive in the presence of triclosan.

Another study led by University of California, San Diego (UCSD) scientists, was recently published in the proceedings of the National ACademy of Sciences. The mice in the study were exposed to higher concentrations than an average human might encounter. But the results suggest people who are exposed to triclosan over long periods could be at risk of liver damage, although more research is needed to see whether this is the case.

(EWG) Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides have tried to alert the people of the detrimental effects of triclosan.

Besides of soaps and toothpaste there are other products that we use everyday that contains triclosan, like for personal car products, deodorant products, first aid products as well in cosmetic products.

Although more reserach into triclosan is needed, the FDA last year require that manufacturers of antibacterial soaps and bod washes prove that these products are safe with long-term use.

The regulators said that manufacturers would have to provide evidence that their products are as safe for household use as regular soap or ven water by late 2016.

Makers of products that do'nt meet a standard requirement would have to remove all claims of superior benefits or stop selling them on the market.

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