Surprising Signs Of Lung Cancer You Should Know

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men and is by far the leading cause of cancer death in the world.

Most lung cancers can be prevented especially when detected early.

So, pay attention to the first symptoms of lung cancer to increase the likelihood of cure.

* Fatigue

This is one of the first symptoms of lung cancer. Fatigue caused by cancer is constant and does not go no matter what you take.

The cancer may spread to the adrenal glands directly controlled release of energy. 

If you are constantly tired for no reason, be sure to consult a physician.

* Pain in the chest, shoulders, back and abdominal area

Chest pain is associated with heart attacks, but people who do not belong to the risk group should see a doctor to determine whether it is lung cancer. Pain in the back, shoulders and neck may resemble the muscle pain and tension.

* Always sick

If you are often sick with cold, flu or bronchitis, the reason may not always be an impaired immunity, but also lung cancer. Lung cancer makes the person increasingly vulnerable to disease and infection. So when the immune system is weakened, the body cannot defend well against microbes.

* Weakness of the muscles

The constant feeling weakness can be one of the first signs of lung cancer. Muscle weakness occurs when harmful substances begin to travel through the bloodstream and reach the muscle. If these substances are spread to the brain, can lead to impaired function of one side of the brain.

* Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss

When your weight is dropping to fast without definitive cause, better check your doctor. People with la developing lung cancer, may lose their appetite and simply forget to eat. Others are becoming fed up so fast even after small servings. If these symptoms were not present before, be sure to seek medical attention.

* Abnormal growth of breasts in men

Increase in bust size especially with only one breast is not normal for men. This increase can occur only in the area around the nipple. When the lung tumor grows, it begins releasing different hormones and other substances, traveling through the bloodstream, causing the breast growth.

* Shortness of breath

If you often have to scrub the throat, are feeling increased release of saliva, are hoarse, have a dry cough, coughing up brown, orange or red slime and you notice blood in the saliva, be sure to consult a physician.
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